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Dog Training 101

Why Train Your Dog?
Basic Dog Obedience
Crate Training
Socializing Your Dog
Chewing & Biting
Doggy Fun For All
Doggy Stuff
Doggy Quiz
Doggy Ecards
Doggy Photos
Client Testimonials

I loved your dog training toolkit! All of your knowledge and expertise is amazing. I am amazed at how well Jackson is behaving and how much others notice. I am able to control him in public. He is great at the vet and at home with guests over. Thanks for helping us be better companions!
Lisa F. , SC

The difference with our dog after the training is like night and day. Our Bulldog used to be stubborn and bully us but now, we are in control and it's wonderful. The results from this training information have been amazing! Walks with Methilda used to be a chore-now they are a joy!
Robert M. , NY
I came to a point when I though my dog was hopeless until I found your The Ultimate Dog Training Toolkit. I thought the training advice was great.
Cassandra H. , IL
I have a whole new insight into connecting with my dog. As a result of the training I carried out, Max is a much better dog and I can now look forward to many hours of companionship.
Calvin G. , CA
I find all three of my dogs are better behaved. Now, when people come to the door they are not jumped on. The dogs don't bolt out the back door when going outside nor do they run away when I take them to get in the car. I feel the dogs learned very fast….I think my learning curve in using the leash properly was more than my dogs and I hope to continue to improve and get the maximum benefit from the training.
Kiomi, S. , TX
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