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Dog Training 101

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The Ultimate Dog Training Kit

Be A Doggy Teacher and Become a Proud Pet Owner

Turn Your Mischievous Canine Into A Well Behaved Dog That Will Be The Envy Of Every Pet Owner !

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Product Details

As every dog owner knows, it takes a lot of time and patience to train a dog—and even more to get him to do tricks and show off in front of friends.

Our Dog Training Toolkit works by providing you with the information you need to get your dog to behave exactly how you want them to.

This highly researched kit takes you through a comprehensive step-by-step process to easily obedience train your dog. This kit is designed to help the dog owner form a greater bond with his or her companion and is geared towards all kinds of dog breeds.

By properly training your dog, you will enjoy a long and happy relationship. Anyone who has ever owned an untrained dog can truly appreciate the value of an obedient dog!

Kit Contents

In the Ultimate Dog Training Kit , you will receive

  1. A Step-By-Step Guide : In this easy to follow guide you will quickly and easily learn:

    • The Life and Death of an Untrained Dog
    • Why you should Train your Dog
    • Why Obedience training is essential for every pet dog!
    • Teaching your Dog Self Control
    • How to be Positive About Punishment
    • Avoiding a Recipe to Ruin a Good Dog
    • 15 Steps To Obedience Training & Proofing Your Dog
    • The Basics of Rewarding your Dog
    • Preparing your Dog For Training
    • Punishment: How not to do it.
    • When is your Dog Fully Trained?


    • A Guide to Selecting a Pet Behavior Consultant
    • How to Choose a Dog Trainer
    • On-Line Training -- The Wave of the Future?
    • Pet Training: Should you go Fast, Cheap or Good


    House training for dogs
    • Tips for Housebreaking
    • Housebreaking an Older Dog
    • Housebreaking Hints
    • House Training and Dog Nature


    • Crate Training Your Dog or Puppy
    • How to successfully Crate Train your Puppy


    • Training Your Dog to Greet Visitors Calmly
    • How to Cure your Dogs Separation Anxiety
    • Socializing your Dog
    • How to Control Submissive Urination
    • Helping your Dog overcome a Fear of Car Rides
    • How to stop your dog from play-biting or nipping


    • Calling your dog back
    • Teach Your Dog To Sit
    • Teaching your dog to Heel, Sit and Stay
    • The Cold Turkey 30-minute down-stay technique
    • When to say "NO!" -- literally.
    • Never say Commands Twice

  2. Diploma Certificate : a great way to recognize you and your dog's final achievement with this fun designed "diploma" which you can print out right off your desktop. See the design below :

  3. Free Bonus : Amazing Dog Tricks
    • The Counting dog trick!
    • The FOCUS ON ME trick
    • The Hide Trick
    • The SPIN trick
    • The SHAKE trick
    • Go to Your Spot Trick
    • The Basic SIT Trick
    • Give your Paw Trick
    • Wave Trick
    • Sit Up High Trick
    • BOW Trick
    • Jump Rope Trick
    • How to SPEAK Trick
    • ROLLOVER Trick
So Start Your Dog Training Journey Today and Become A Doggy Teacher the Easy Way ...

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